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Whenever He Volunteers At This Shelter, He Always Falls Asleep And The Cats Love It


Whenever He Volunteers At This Shelter, He Always Falls Asleep And The Cats Love It

When a guy went into Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on a routine day, he asked about helping. Terry introduced himself and stated that he wished to assist by brushing cats. That was six months ago, and Terry now visits the shelter every day, changing the lives of all the cats there.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary is a rescue and adoption center dedicated to cats with a variety of special needs. The volunteers’ major responsibility is to assist socialize the cats by acclimating them to human interaction and giving them with love and warmth. Everyone at the refuge loves and appreciates its volunteers, but no one could have predicted that they’d find someone like Terry.

The founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Elizabeth Feldhausen, told The Dodo, “He just strolled in with his own brush and started cleaning animals.”

Terry has groomed every cat in the sanctuary and spent time with them all. He can tell you everything about each one’s likes and dislikes, and he welcomes them all as if they were old childhood friends every day. Terry enjoys lounging on the sanctuary’s plush couches and combing the cats, and he’s frequently found to be so relaxed and satisfied that he falls asleep.

“Every single day here, Terry sleeps by accident,” Feldhausen added. “The cats usually absorb his body heat and cuddle with him when he falls asleep.” I believe he gives them a sense of security.”

Terry’s naps have become a regular part of the sanctuary’s daily routine, despite the fact that they happen by chance. When Terry falls asleep, the cats all adore him and take turns curling up in his arms and snoozing alongside him.


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