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This Orange Cat Loves To Go On All Kinds Of Adventures And Brings A Smile To Everyone He Meets


This Orange Cat Loves To Go On All Kinds Of Adventures And Brings A Smile To Everyone He Meets

Liebchen is an outgoing, vibrant, and playful orange cat. We fell in love with him the moment we set eyes on him at Rifle Animal Shelter near Aspen, Colorado. Once we brought Liebchen home, he would scream-meow at the door to go outside and explore, so we got him a harness and the rest is history.

Liebchen took right to the harness and leash and went on his first hike at 10 weeks old. Now he goes on adventures everywhere with us (his pawpaw and meowmmy). He goes skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, swimming, on road trips, flying on airplanes – everywhere!


Meet Liebchen, an adventurous orange cat that got adopted by us from Rifle Animal Shelter near Aspen, Colorado

Our friend sent us a picture of Liebchen that was posted on the Rifle Animal Shelter’s Facebook page. There was something about the expression in his eyes, the little half-white mustache, and he was just so tiny and looked full of life. When we went to meet him, he was alone in a corner hissing at the other kittens who were playing as if very annoyed with them. He wasn’t scared, he was sprawled out comfortably, just clearly annoyed with the other kittens. It was almost like he was saying “adopt me, not them!” We thought this was sassy, funny, and his big personality showed right away.

He walked (waddled) right up to us, head-booped our hands, and started purring the moment we held him. We instantly knew by his funny demeanor, big wide eyes, and his overall big energy that he was perfect for us. He was talkative from the moment we met him as well. We loved this. To this day, he doesn’t stop talking to us and he tells us exactly how he feels about everything.

The moment we brought him home, the cat expressed the need to go outside and explore. Liebchen went on his first hike at 10 weeks old!

Liebchen means “sweetheart” in German. When my mom was around my age she had a cat named Liebchen. We thought it was unique, so we took the name for our new little furball. It also starts conversations and allows us to connect with new people we meet while traveling or out and about.

Now he goes on adventures everywhere with us!

He goes skiing

Liebchen has truly never minded the gear we put on him. We mostly try to only put things on him that are practical and have real use. It is almost like he knows the goggles and jackets have a purpose. The goggles protect against snow blindness, sunburn, and windburn. They also help protect his eyes from dust or sticks in the summer. The jackets we only put on if it’s cold and if he needs them.

He does have some fun stuff like sunglasses and tropical shirts, but he just hangs out with them on and remains chill. If at any point he showed stress or displeasure for something, we definitely wouldn’t make him wear anything. We believe paying attention to his body language is very important while we’re having fun, but also during adventures. Liebchen loves his bag.



Hiking in the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado

Out of all the things we do with him, Liebchen loves hiking. He loves exploring the woods or the desert. He loves jumping on and off rocks and logs. He enjoys smelling new places and finding new types of plants, bugs, and animals. He also loves exploring the different terrains the Western US has. He enjoys walking alongside us, leading the way, or following along on a trail. He really loves to be outside, but where we live there are many predators such as mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, eagles, hawks, and bears. We are too nervous to let him outside on his own, and it is honestly too dangerous, so we have adapted and now he loves his walks and hikes. Hikes allow him to safely enjoy the outdoors.

He does love to ski with us as well, but that season isn’t year-round. He rides on our shoulders or in our backpack and just sticks his little face in the wind. He loves the wind in his whiskers, takes naps on the gondola or chairlift, and enjoys meeting new people.

Paddle boarding in Michigan

Gondola riding in Telluride, Colorado


Liebchen loves meeting new people and can quickly become your new best friend

The best part about Liebchen? He is outgoing, very vocal, and brings a smile to the face of everyone he meets. This fearless cat loves meeting new people and loves to befriend dogs. He will quickly become your new best friend and snuggle up on your lap and talk to you about his day.

You can run into your new best friend on a trail, on a mountain summit, in a restaurant, or even on a ski chairlift!

The cat has started to build quite a following on his socials where we share his adventures with furriends in many countries around the world

We have all been through a lot in the past few years, so we hope to spread his joy and make the world a happier place one smile and cat adventure picture and video at a time.

Liebchen has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and 33,000 on Tiktok

One of our most important missions is to advocate for rescuing animals

There are millions of cats and dogs available worldwide for adoption every year. We want to express the importance of adopting a furriend from a shelter, and if you are unable to adopt, consider donating to your favorite shelter to support their cause.

Rescue animals are truly grateful for being welcomed into your home and family. Liebchen has changed our lives and we know that other adorable animals can do the same for anyone else.

We often say that Liebchen has rescued us and we cannot imagine a life without him

We encourage everyone to consider rescuing and adopting from a shelter before buying a pet. There are millions of animals available each year who can become your best friend. Rescue animals have something so special about them, and truly become a wonderful addition to the family. It’s like they know you saved them, but we truly believe they will rescue anyone who adopts them. We always say Liebchen has rescued us.

There is truly a rescue animal available for anyone’s situation, living circumstance, and family structure. Animals have such a wide array of personalities, you can definitely find the perfect match for your life. We truly believe any cat can become an adventure cat, and any rescue animal can become your new best friend.



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