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Tessy, was a beautiful cat lady in the making


Tessy, was a beautiful cat lady in the making

Tessy, as some of her friends and family called her — was a beautiful cat lady in the making.

Tess Mata was an introverted girl who adored her sweet Siamese cat Oliver; she loved playing and snuggling with him.

The 10-year-old fourth-grade also loved TikTok dance videos, Ariana Grande, and the Houston Astros.

Tess adored her grandparents, she was very close to them because they drove her to school every day and her grandmother always picked her up, until last Tuesday, when Tess lost her life in the Robb Elementary School shooting.

A purple room, white pillows with butterflies, and jar full of cash that Tess was saving up for a family vacation to Disney World are bittersweet reminders of the immense love Tessy fell for her parents and older sister.

“We have one sassy guardian angel that I know is going to protect our family.” her older sister Faith said.

The lives of 19 children, including Tess, were abruptly cut short and their dreams shattered to pieces. Two teachers were also victims of the deadliest school shooting in Texas history.

Just a few blocks away from the Robb Elementary School, a small vigil was held for the 21 victims, the survivors of the attack and their families.

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