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Sleepy twitches and a rolly poly stretch from Wildflower


Sleepy twitches and a rolly poly stretch from Wildflower

Sleepy twitches and a rolly poly stretch from Wildflower @teenytinyfosters said.


Twitching cause that big burp was coming
Look at those little peepers almost open!! @teenytinyfosters said.


Just fluffing up the cave mom, 10 mins too early to get up! @teenytinyfosters said.


Wildflower slurping for that last drop of milkies before a refill  @teenytinyfosters said.



Wildflower taking milk drunk to a new level 😹 @teenytinyfosters said.



After milkies cuddles with Wildflower while he has some hiccups and sleepy twitches ♡
Those little pink beans are so adorable! @teenytinyfosters said.


Wildflower’s little airplane ears
He woke up the other day with an eye looking a bit weepy, he’s been on an eye ointment and it’s clearing up very fast! @teenytinyfosters said.


Wildflower is getting so chubby he’s turning into a mini cat already! His little floppy ears are the cutest ♡ @teenytinyfosters said.


Milkies with Wildflower! He even latched back on all on his own, such a big boy now ☺︎ ♡ @teenytinyfosters said.


Wildflower getting so big he quickly drinks almost the whole bottle now. Look at those big ears go!
He’s the sweetest little boy ever and he’s gonna be such a cuddle bug ✿ ♡ @teenytinyfosters said.


Sound up for Wildflower’s adorable meow! He almost always does this little chirpy trill, he was hungry this time so he was licking his lips ☺︎ @teenytinyfosters said.



From > @teenytinyfosters On Instagram and don’t forget to share this with your Friends .

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