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Love Story

Love is not telling you a story
Stories in games are rigid and stale, because no team, no matter its size, can create content for all the things players may want to do. Stories are prepared long in advance and is something you follow, not something you create. Love is different.

Love is the story
In Love the story is not something that is “Pre-scripted” but something that is organically created while you play. By using Procedural algorithms the game can constantly generate new events and content for you to explore. By being generated while you play, the experience can be tailored to your play style and respond to your actions. This is not a game where you are being lead down a path, this is a game where you decide the direction of the story.

Stories are all around
If you have ever played a multiplayer game you have stories, stories of how you where the last survivor on your team, stories of how you captured the flag just before the timer ran out, stories of luck and failure. Love takes that kind of emerging story creation and expands it to a long lasting canon. Love is not a game you beat, is a world that is constantly changing. The game ebbs and flows, and how the story of the game proceeds depends on how the players respond to what the game does. Characters will remember what you do and it will color their views of you. Loves characters are driven by a innovative “Emotional” AI that can react to your actions with an emotional core. They may fear, hate, be curios, sad or even love other characters. Chose your actions well, they may give you both allied and enemies.

All you need is to nurture it
The game is based on a powerful procedural engine that creates a dynamic world that can be changed over time by players, characters, and the passing of time. The game can generate new landscapes, buildings, cities, secrets, characters and even networks of infrastructure and puzzles. With these tools the game has all the necessary components to create new story structures of adversity, glory and tragedy. If game chooses it can dynamically build a new city, introduce new characters or generate puzzles as the players are playing the game. To strengthen the lore of the game, important events and people will give name to places, Your actions will leave the trail of what you build or the ruins of what you destroy. As you return again and again new events will have created new things to discover, something made by either man or the passing of time.

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