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Kitten Found In The Open Field Runs After A Couple And Insists On Going Home With Them


Kitten Found In The Open Field Runs After A Couple And Insists On Going Home With Them

Karianna and her partner were driving across an open field when they noticed a little kitten running and decided to pull over. It was a kitten that was abandoned and in bad health. She was filthy and frail, and as soon as she saw them, she ran after them, insisting on being carried home.

The pair did not discover the mother or any additional kittens, but they saw that the tiny one required assistance and opted to take her with them. The small cat went as fast as her paws could carry her to them, and she snuggled up in the vehicle; she felt secure.

According to Karianna:

“We came to a halt, and as soon as I stepped out of the car, she began racing towards me.”

When they went home, they washed her up and named her ‘Fielda,’ after the location where she was discovered.

Karianna remembers:

“She was loving from the start, never bashful or afraid. The next day, we took her to the vet.”

She was supposedly approximately 6 weeks old when she was discovered. The small child had fleas on her body, mites in her ears, and a slight case of ringworm.

The small kitten started to feel better and seemed relieved to have a home. The ringworm went away after a few weeks, and she now had a family that cared for her and a warm bed to sleep in. She also has an elder brother, Leon, who is a lovely fluffy cat.

Fielda had to wait till she had healed medically before seeing her big brother.

Karianna remembers:

“It took Leon a second to adjust, but Fielda adored Leon from the start.”

Fielda was having a good time and waiting for Leon to join him. She played hide and seek in the hopes that her brother would join her; she genuinely wanted to be her buddy and was persistent.

Weeks later, Fielda had won Leon’s affection, and they were now doing everything together. She’d follow her brother everywhere she went, and he’d cheerfully teach her how to be a nice family kitten.

According to his mother:

“A year later, Fielda and Leon have become great friends.” They’re always fighting, cleaning each other, and sharing the cat’s tower.”

Fielda is a sensitive child who adores napping while being held by her parents. She adores her family and is certain she does not want to be alone.

Karianna explains:

“She sleeps with us every night and expects to be pampered in the morning. When she plays with us, she is always very careful and never catches us with her claws.”

This kitten is now around a year and two months old, has grown healthy and strong, and has matured into a lovely energetic and extremely lively adult cat, constantly looking for mischief and pampering.

Her family also adds:

“She is bursting at the seams with enthusiasm! She’s always staring out the window at birds, playing with her favorite rope toy, and chewing food.”


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