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Grandpa Calls Up His Granddaughter In Tears, Asks Her If She’d Like To Have A Sleepover


Grandpa Calls Up His Granddaughter In Tears, Asks Her If She’d Like To Have A Sleepover

This is one of those stories that niggles at your tear ducts. It is the story of a grandfather and his extremely close relationship with his granddaughter. He was her best friend, and since the death of his beloved wife, her grandmother, he had devoted his time to giving his love to her. The story starts with a text he sent to his granddaughter asking if she was keen to come over for a sleepover.

He Sent Her a Text

Megan was aware that her grandfather was now reaching a ripe old age. He was 92 years old now, which came with a decline in his health. He had always been a very fit man for his age, but now the reality had set in, and she was determined to spend as much time with him as possible before his inevitable passing.

She received a text message from him one day which said: “I haven’t been feeling well and miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa.” She jumped at the opportunity, and replied: “Yes! I’ll be over around 7! Would you like me to get you something from the store or anything for dinner?

He replied to her offer to go to the shops with, “Could you pick up applesauce? The cinnamon kind. And if you go somewhere with mash potatoes, I would like that because I have no teeth and can only eat soft things. Ha!” He finds aging amusing. The list continued with strawberry ice cream, which is a favorite amongst many. He ended the conversation by saying, “Thank you, u are my favorite grandchild.”

He always had known what to say to make her feel special, and laugh at the same time. She went to the shops to gather all of the essential items, snacks included. She added some of her treats onto the list, as well as a stop past KFC. When she arrived at her grandfather’s house, it was not long before they were snug on the sofa, watching murder mysteries.

Her Room Was Made The Way It Always Was

Megan’s grandfather was such a sweet old man. The movie had ended and he wanted to show her the room, he probably knew she knew where it was. He insisted on making sure she had some water to keep next to her bed while she slept. The best part was that he had made her room look the same way it did every time she came over. Which was a constant thing since she was a little girl. He finished off his kindness by handing her a flashlight, in case she got scared in the night.

Megan sat him on her bed that night and filmed herself explaining how much she loved her grandfather, and how sweet he was. He showed her some pure love throughout her life, and together with her grandmother, they had always been a constant. It is funny how children perceive things, but the doll that her grandfather had placed on her bed that night had made Megan feel jealous in her youth. Now, it was something that made her think of her love for her grandparents.

“I feel so happy. I am thankful for my grandpa and he will never understand how much love he truly has shown me. And more importantly, the love he showed my grandma while she was alive. I believe in love and loyalty because of this man. He is my hero.” Said Megan.

@meganelizabeth1016 He’s my best friend. 💖🥺 #itsgrandpa #movienight #grandpa #family #love #sleepover #emotional #fy #foryou ♬ Repeat Until Death – Novo Amor

Megan’s Love For Her Family Affected Many

Megan’s grandmother had passed some years back due to Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, that causes severe memory loss, but her grandmother’s love of Christmas never died. They honored her by planting a pine tree in their garden which they would decorate every year on Christmas. She posts videos of how they commemorate each other, and the love they share between them fail have touched the hearts of many. She now has over 254.8k followers on TikTok who eagerly await her videos where she shows the care they feel for each other.

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