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Cat Took A Bullet To Protect His 3-Year-Old Human


Cat Took A Bullet To Protect His 3-Year-Old Human

Dogs are known for saving the day – and even their owners’ lives – but what about cats? Cats may be heroes as well.

In fact, when a stray gunshot burst through a family’s window, Opie the cat took the bullet himself, protecting his 3-year-old human from being injured.

Angelica Snipe’s tranquil night was disrupted this past Thursday when a bullet flew through the glass of her home, perilously near to where her kid was sleeping on the couch, according to Fox 8 News. She dashed over to check on him and saw him blissfully asleep, but her cat, Opie, was lying on the floor. Opie had been shot, Angelica knew.

Angelica believes that if her cat hadn’t been around, her kid might have been struck instead. Angelica refused to euthanize Opie when the vet inquired whether she wanted to. She was resolved to repay Opie’s kindness after he had saved her son’s life.

“I really wanted to save him. I need to keep him around because he was my son’s little hero” According to Angelica, who spoke to Fox 8 News.

Opie isn’t the only heroic feline on the loose. Cats, like the cat that woke up her family in the middle of the night to stop an intruder, or the cat who got an award for the most heroic… dog, can rescue the day just as well as canines. Dogs, be cautious. Cats, too, know how to defend themselves.

Opie’s bravery, as well as his family’s resolve to keep him alive and battle despite his injuries, were both amazing. Hopefully, Opie will make a full recovery and be reunited with his tiny human for a long time.


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