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Cat caught on camera comforting his anxious brother while mom is away


Cat caught on camera comforting his anxious brother while mom is away

Nosey was reserved when he initially joined his family. He’s always been a loner, but his mom felt he’d benefit from having a pal – and she was completely correct.

Baby joined the family approximately a year and a half ago, and he and Nosey have been inseparable ever since.

“They are true BEST FRIENDS,” the pair’s mother, Rosa Leger, told The Dodo. “They hug all day and fight all night.” Nosey was a bit violent and lonely when I initially got him. This child has brought joy into his life. He now enjoys playing and cuddling with his sibling. He’s very possessive of him and is always washing him.”

Leger just left for a week, leaving Nosey and Baby alone for more than a few days for the first time. She had a pet sitter coming to check on them, but they both went into hiding whenever she came by. She was concerned since Baby is highly devoted to his mother and she wasn’t sure how he would survive without her.

Fortunately, he had Nosey.

Leger watched one of the cameras one day while she was gone and saw the cutest thing she’d ever seen. Baby appeared to be concerned about Mom’s absence. He was seated in front of Nosey when he suddenly leaned towards him, and Nosey quickly wrapped his arm over him to comfort him. The entire incident was lovely and demonstrated how much the brothers genuinely love each other.

“He’s been there for his brother since the beginning,” Leger remarked. “This experience has [unquestionably] brought them closer together.” My little one adores his older brother even more. I can’t image how he would have felt without his brother’s love and protection. I honestly didn’t believe such love could exist in animals, but it does.”

Leger eventually returned home, and the cats were both overjoyed to see her — but they knew they’d be OK without her because they have each other.

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