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After a heartbreaking funeral, a “dead” cat returns home alive…


After a heartbreaking funeral, a “dead” cat returns home alive…

Loki began his life as a stray, but after three years of meeting Nathan, the two quickly became great friends.

Loki is an indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys walking about the neighborhood and the nearby places.

Nathan discovered his closest friend’s lifeless body by the side of the road on his way home from work one day.

By the markings, he knew it was Loki; he looked like he’d been hit by a car. Nathan and his girlfriend carried Loki’s remains to a corner of their backyard and buried him there.

Nathan stated, ” “I was overcome with emotion. I was in tears, unable to believe my pet had died.”

Loki reappeared the next morning, as though returning home from a stroll.

When Nathan saw Loki, he was completely taken aback; he was still alive and healthy.
Loki had somehow risen from the dead, and no one could argue that this was an extraordinary turn of events.

Nathan then recognized that he must have buried someone else’s cat, so he spread the information to the other cat’s family.

Nathan is wary of allowing Loki to go around since he doesn’t want to go through this heartbreak again.

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