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A two-faced kitten tries to survive against all odds… Read on and watch his story below…


A two-faced kitten tries to survive against all odds… Read on and watch his story below…

A South African cat gave birth to three tiny babies in December 2017. Her owner was overjoyed and didn’t think anything of it until one of the kittens appeared.

The kitten, it turned out, had two faces, each with four eyes and two mouths!

He quickly took the kitten to the veterinarian, who diagnosed it with craniofacial duplication. The so-called “Janus” cats, so named after the two-faced ancient Roman god Janus, have slim chances of survival.

He recommended euthanizing the kitten, but the owner resisted. He christened the cat Bettie Bee and carried it home with him.

Bettie fought hard over the next three days, crawling like her brothers, despite the vet’s refusal to give her a chance. Of course, it required constant attention, but the owner seemed unconcerned.

The two-faced kitten opened its eyes a few days later, right about the time her two eyes began to merge. A video of Bettie Bee crawling around like a regular kitten may be found here:

Bettie weighed 200 grams after 10 days, which is average for a 10-day-old cat. Betting, on the other hand, acquired pneumonia within a week and was unable to combat it. Bettie died gently at the vet after 16 days.

After Bettie Bee passed away, the owner did not delete her Facebook page. He chose to keep it in order to demonstrate to the world that everyone deserves a shot.

Although the special kitten survived only 16 days, she was surrounded by love.

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