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21-year-old shelter cat starts her new life at the ripe age


21-year-old shelter cat starts her new life at the ripe age

21-year-old cat Morag, which is over 100 in human years, came into the care of RSPCA centre in Worcester, UK after being abandoned by her previous owner.

She is the oldest cat that they’ve ever had in their care. At first they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to find Morag a new home because of her age and scruffy appearance, but they had nothing to worry about. A social media appeal made by the charity ended up being shared over 3000 times and reaching all corners of the world. Many offers of adoption came in from all over the United States as well as Japan and Australia.

“We never thought for one moment that her story would take off like it did, but a 21-year-old cat looking for a retirement home to live out the remainder of her days seemed to resonate with people and we were inundated with interest and offers of homes for her.” Ned Cotton, who manages the rehoming centre said.

He added that everybody at the centre was absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing response, Morag had also received tons of messages of goodwill from all over the globe, and many people had sent her gifts and toys for her.

And finally, Morag finds her forever home which not far from the Worcester Centre, this seemed like the best solution for a senior kitty that had never done much travelling

Her new owners say that she “loved being picked up for a cuddle” and her favourite past times are sleeping, eating, and taking a stroll in the garden.
“We’re delighted that she’s found a wonderful home to call her own and we know she’s going to be thoroughly pampered and much loved there, just as she deserves.” Nick shared.

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